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Hello and Goodbye, Horace Hardcover: On doubt, certainty, the faces of love and some other things
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By Hannay, Alastair
ISBN 9781846220753
Paperback  114 pages
Published 4 January 2020
UK Price £16.00   
US Price $22.00   

Ranging from astrology to neuroscience and cosmology, from homelessness to love and the fragility of human fellowship, the scope of Horace Hardcoverís browser is unusually wide for a philosopher these days. His iconoclastic message is that uncertainty reveals more than the elimination of doubt. The light irony of Alastair Hannayís novella hands on this truth to the reader: Does it matter that we cannot decide whether its portrait of a philosopher is pure fiction, drawn from life or not even fictionally real? One thing is made clear: the dynamic of doubt and certainty when ripped from the deadpan pages of philosophy can play havoc with a life.

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