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God and the Poets: The Gifford Lectures, 1983
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By Daiches, David. With an Introduction by Jenni Calder.
ISBN 1846220262
Paperback  268 pages
Published 8 August 2013
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God and the Poets encapsulates many of Daiches's key interests, ranging as it does from the Psalms and the Book of Job to 20th-century Scottish and American poetry. In enquiring into the relationship between poets, poetry and the divinity, Daiches is exploring humanity's creative engagement with spirituality. Beginning with Job's challenge to God, Daiches moves through medieval Hebrew poetry, Dante, Milton, and English, Scottish and American poetry of faith, doubt and denial. In a fascinating and illuminating journey he vividly demonstrates the nature and compass of poetry itself, and its ability to express all humanity's intellectual, psychological and emotional needs. This is a book not only for students of literature and lovers of poetry, but for all those, with or without religious faith, with an interest in fundamental issues of the human condition.

David Daiches (1912-2005) had a distinguished career on both sides of the Atlantic as writer, critic and inspiring teacher. He held posts at the universities of Chicago, Cornell, Cambridge, Sussex and Edinburgh, and published prolifically on a wide range of topics, including Scottish literature and history, British and American poetry and fiction, modernism, literary theory, the Old Testament and Jewish concerns.

First published in 1984; now with a new Introduction by Jenni Calder.

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