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Partnership out of Conflict
The Emergence of the Educational Institute of Scotland's Learning Representatives
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By Alexandrou, Alex
ISBN 1846220130
Paperback  172 pages
Published 11 December 2007
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Trade unions have historically been involved in education and training and this activity has gained greater credence and importance as a result of Union Learning Representatives - part of the present New Labour administration's drive to expand and improve lifelong learning and continuing professional development in order to create the new learning society. In Scotland, the 21st Century Agreement, signed up to by all the key stakeholders in Scottish education, has added impetus to the role of these representatives within the teaching profession. This book examines how the Educational Institute of Scotland which represents the overwhelming majority of teachers in Scotland, has taken up the challenge and launched a Learning Representatives initiative, with the expressed desire that these representatives work to advise, broker and facilitate improved professional development opportunities for their colleagues, particularly in relation to Chartered Teacher status.

Alex Alexandrou has worked extensively in the fields of continuing professional development, human resource management and industrial relations in both the public and private sectors, as both an academic and practitioner. He is currently a Research Associate with the Centre for Educational Leadership at the University of Edinburgh as well as the Honorary Secretary of the International Professional Development Association and an Associate Editor of the Journal of In-Service Education.

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